You’re a welcome guest on our webpage.  Check out the things you see here—the words and the pictures worth thousands of words.  They will show you a part of our story.  

We are a body of Christians who want to love the Bono community and point them to Jesus because we know He can bless and change their lives forever.  

All the time, in every way we can, we intend to always be involved in actively serving our neighbors, whatever their age—whether they’re young, old, or in-between.  Because we belong to Him we must belong to you.  Please call on us if you have a need.  You are welcome to the fellowship and friendship our church family enjoys and the service our church offers.   

If you can, join us at one of our assemblies as our honored guest.  It would be our joy and pleasure to meet you!   

Blessings, Richard Akins, minister