Bono Church of Christ Ladies Sewing

"First thing is we do not do this or any other project to impress or for the praise of other people."

Our Ladies sewing group meet twice a month at our church building where they take part in a personal ministry that touches so many lives.

These women make diapers, baby blankets, blankets for the parents of the children in the hospital, clothing, bags, and pads for the children. In addition to the things that are made, they send shampoo, pens, paper, and other useful supplies to the families in the hospital. The sewing group also make quilts for the children's home, John 3:17 ministries and a church in the Ukraine. Along with making quilts for the Ukraine, they also collect clothes for the Ukraine ministry. 

If this is a ministry you would like to be a part of, please contact our church to see how you can become involved.